The Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Marie Anita’s sources stunning ingredients from organic suppliers as close to home as possible for our gluten free in Mermaid Beach cafe. We wanted to share with you how we are able to offer such special food and acknowledge what suppliers help us do it. Thanks to the growers, farmers, artisans, and creators.

Marie Anita’s health cafe is entirely gluten free in Mermaid Beach. We source naturally gluten free ingredients although they may not always be certified or tested. All of our products are sourced from reputable and responsible suppliers that understand the risks of gluten contamination although at times it can be difficult for them to isolate processing and packaging of gluten free products from that of other products. We hope that you understand that these issues are inevitable and that we try our best to ensure the highest quality products free from even traces of gluten.

Barambah Organics

The Barambah Organics dairy farm is located 55 kms from Inglewood, and 70 kms from Goondiwindi on the NSW/QLD border. The initial farm “Spring Creek” has been in the Campbell family since 1912. In the late 1990s it was decided that the farm should undergo organic certification, in order to cement the conviction that the farmers had to managing the property in a sustainable manner for the future generations to come and to declare that there was no use of chemicals on the property. Ian Campbell, the founder of Barambah Organics, is a qualified Nutritionist who believes passionately in organics and his products. Working with a true respect for their cows and calves, Barambah Organics provides a high quality product that we adore here at Marie Anita’s.

Bio Organic Farms

The Bio Organic Farms is another fantastic local certified biodynamic farmer located in Byangum, not far from Murwillumbah, NSW. Zehavit and Avi take complete care to produce the highest quality organic produce supplied as fresh as it gets! Marie Anita’s loves to support the locals that work the front line from beginning to end to nourish the community.

Currumbin Valley Harvest

One of our closest and most gracious suppliers that contributes so much to the community. Currumbin Valley Harvest “incorporates both a bio-dynamic farm and a hydroponic growing area. Our wish is to grow the most nutritious vegetables, and pick continuously, through market days, so you really do ‘eat fresh”. Marie Anita’s has a resident plot at the biodynamic farm taken care of by Peter and Jan, the owners and operators. They are truly community-based providing affordable community plots and various local fruit and vegetables to anon and everyone ensuring accessibility of amazing produce to many. Check out what they are up to at

Food for Thought

An unbelievable local supplier that is so very appreciated for her fermented goodies. Jeani-Rose works from Crystal Creek, out the back of Murwillumbah, making our beloved kombucha with a stunning range incorporating spirulina and mint, patchouli and blue tansy, and lavender and sandalwood. Jeani-Rose also supplies us with the most exciting gallon jars of beetroot, apple and ginger fermented veges as couple gallons at a time! They speak for themselves. Jeani has summarised her intentions as to “raise a happy family, educate people on how to heal themselves and have as much fun along the way as possible”. Another one of our appreciated suppliers.

Forest Honey

We love our honey! Our honey is sourced from the lovely Virginia, an independent small-scale beekeeper who supplies us with untreated raw honey. Sourcing our raw honey from around the corner in Currumbin Valley, it utterly excites us to be meeting the beekeeper/producer face-to-face.

Sylva Lining Organics

The beautiful Sylva grows her seasonal vegetables and year round leafy greens from behind Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. Marie Anita’s has been indulging in her amazing living sprouts for the last couple of years cutting the sprouts fresh to order. Some of our personal favourites are the red cabbage, sunflower and kale sprouts alongside Sylva’s ruby chard and perpetual spinach. Sylva’s vibrant greens are our bread and butter and keep our plates leaving the kitchen as fresh as ever. All our love Sylva!

Jack Sprat’s Butchery

Jack Sprat’s Butchery specialises in wholesaling hormone free, free range local meats, that have lived locally requiring minimum transportation and supporting local farms. Marie Anita’s sources all cuts of meat within a 170km radius from Byron Bay to the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast.


We adore our mushroom cultivators that set a perfect example of sustainability and recycling. Their organic mushrooms are grown at Mt. Tamborine utilising all the benefits of compost! Enjoying the cool temperatures of the mountain we have the most amazing array of mushies at our finger tips. From swiss brown to enoki to our favourite, portobellos, these delights are featured on our breakfast and lunch menus.

Red Dragon Organics

This is the opening statement on this suppliers website for why they do what they do; “Red Dragon Organics exists to supply clean (additive free), nourishing, locally produced, certified organic beverages to boost individual health and that of our beautiful planet by adherence to health, ethic, and sustainability factors; and to provide a choice from the multinational dominated beverage market, which produces drinks of a toxic nature (additives), with little nutritional value, and no regard to sustainability issues. Regionally produced organic products enhance the economic, social and environmental health of the region and may lead to greater Regional empowerment”. This says it all. Marie Anita’s stocks the bottle fermented organic ginger beer, living elixir and our favourite sugar free living elixir! Check them out at

The Organic Family

The Organic Family are such an inspirational group based in Nerang supporting the community through food, information, and community events. Providing Marie Anita’s with fermented biodynamic vegan coconut yoghurt, this supplier cannot get any better! We absolutely love being involved with a conscious supplier/community group that are honestly trying to make a difference. To become more involved take a look here;

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