Honest, Original, Inspiring

Honest, Original, Inspiring

This small unassuming blog offers gluten free and organic inspiration, recipes and projects taking on board a grain free, high raw, refined sugar free, and dairy free approach to real food at my Gluten Free Health Cafe. With an adoration of organic and local produce, and products and an understanding of ethical and sustainable eating, I hope to share with you my life.

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Bursting with excitement and inspiration for true nourishing food and wanting to share my passion for what organic and clean seasonal eating can be like, I, Marie Anita, have decided to introduce myself outside the walls of my Gluten Free Health Cafe.

Growing up with a backyard of chickens and choko vines, self-taught artisan gluten free baking seemed to become a reality opening doors and adventures beyond what I had imaged in a home kitchen covered in organic sorghum flour. The people I have met, the realisations I have come to, and the love that I have experienced for the simple things in life shape my admiration for organic produce produced locally, artisan products, and nourishing foods presented simply.

Since the doors of my humble gluten free cafe opened, the way I choose to eat and cook has been refined and sometimes judged. I want to communicate my respect for all dietary choices and my love of vegan and raw foods. Taking this on board I am hopeful that people from all backgrounds and lifestyles can appreciate real organic food, respected and presented honestly.