The Philosophy



The concept of Marie Anita’s gluten free health cafe originated from an understanding of what the community is lacking and longing for in health and nutrition. Marie Anita’s founders are well intertwined in the Gold Coast health and wellness community realising the potential of what the community has to offer, much of which is being overlooked. Based on a community understanding Marie Anita’s was established as a health-related and organic cafe on the Gold Coast to help nourish the community. From the organic farmers that are growing around the corners from our homes, to the innovative artisans bringing us unique and inspiring new products, Marie Anita’s aims to display an array of foods showcasing what the region has to offer. Think luscious greens, raw creations, charred organic vegetables, exotic grains, and a myriad of bold and stunning colours.

Marie Anita’s approaches its menu design around providing maximum nutritional benefit. Understanding remedial properties and the benefits of a well-rounded diet, full of fresh and vibrant ingredients. The menu aims to educate and provide guidance to maximise nutritional benefit tailored for each lifestyle. With the assistance of educated staff, customers will enjoy a delectable meal understanding what they are putting into their bodies. Nourish from within.


Marie Anita’s has a strong belief in ‘keeping it local’ understanding that the freshest, cleanest and the utterly beautiful ingredients are not the biggest brands but the ones inspired from the beauty of natural ingredients. Marie Anita’s gluten free health cafe has carefully selected its suppliers for quality organic ingredients made as close to home as possible. Watch our site for updates on who and where our beautiful farmers and suppliers are located and what they are producing.


With a background in gluten free artisan baking, Marie Anita’s has adopted an ongoing sugar free approach to cooking. By sugar free we mean, organic natural sweeteners with minimal processing aiming to utilise low GI and low fructose sweeteners. What you will see used are products such as local raw honey, organic rice malt syrup, organic maple syrup, organic coconut sweeteners, and my goodness, fruit galore! Feel free to ask our staff what natural sweeteners have been used and what is most suitable for your lifestyle.


With the environment that we live in, Marie Anita’s aims to provide an avenue to enjoy organic, spray-free food ensuring all ingredients are GMO free. Implementing cooking methods to retain maximum nutrition, Marie Anita’s ensures a microwave-free kitchen. With an aim to raise awareness, Marie Anita’s strives to lead by example.


Our organic cafe on the Gold Coast strives to only use green packaging solutions incorporating recycled and biodegradable packaging wherever possible. From pretty wooden cutlery to compostable coffee cup trays we aim to minimise the landfill produced from our operations. The only chemicals we use in our detoxified cafe are green chemicals which are derived from plant materials and safe to wash down our waterways. All chemicals, even down to our coffee machine cleaner follow this philosophy. Not to mention the good old vinegar, lemon and baking soda tricks.


We are always looking for ways to reduce waste or reuse what we are left with. We are happy to share around our boxes for the community’s packing needs, coffee grinds for gardening and scrubs, and chicken scraps for anybody on their way past. We have had an ongoing effort to compost taking buckets of scraps home daily. Since our move to Mermaid Beach we are excited to make use of the backyard for some composting and worm farm activities!