Gaining brand recognition on the Gold Coast, Marie Anita’s gluten free goods may be the product that is needed to give you that competitive advantage. Whether you are a sophisticated restaurant seeking higher quality wholesale gluten free bread on the Gold Coast or an innovative health food shop wanting to extend your gluten free range, the originality of Marie Anita’s gluten free product range could fill that need.

Marie Anita’s has a range of unique and high quality wholesale gluten free bread on the Gold Coast. Ranging from exquisite gluten free breads to muffins, slices and cakes, Marie Anita’s provides an exceptional range of goods catering for not only the gluten free market but also catering for dairy free, sugar free and vegan needs. Marie Anita’s gluten free health cafe has a GMO-free policy sourcing organic and local ingredients wherever possible.

Ensuring same-day delivery for freshly baked wholesale gluten free bread on the Gold Coast with options for packaged bread or true artisan style unpackaged bread, gives you the means to have an exceptional gluten free product that matches the heart of your business. See the product list below for a description of our beautiful gluten free range.

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*Wholesale Product List*

For wholesale sales enquiries please contact us on sales@marieanitas.com.au.